Germ Defender® - Protecting Your Passengers

Keeping you and your family safe and healthy is our number one priority, which is why Ziebart developed Germ Defender®. Germ Defender® is an effective way to protect the inside of your car or truck. It's non-toxic, long-lasting, invisible, odorless, colorless, and minimizes your exposure to germs and bacteria.

Protection from the Start

Germ Defender® attaches to your vehicle's interior and begins working immediately. Powered by Bioshield 75®, Germ Defender® serves as a microscopic "bed of nails," puncturing the cell walls of microbes and stopping germs in their tracks.

The result?

Protection from a wide assortment of unwanted bacterial strains and illnesses including Staph, E. Coli, Ringworm, Mildew, Salmonella, Listeria, Fungi, and More!

Man eating hamburger in carGerm Defender being applied

Long Lasting Protection From Germs and Bacteria

Unlike other products, Germ Defender®'s effectiveness increases with use. Routine cleaning actually improves the product's ability to prevent bacteria and germs from settling in your vehicle. Germ Defender® also has an EPA approval to last up to 90 days. This means no matter how much you and your family get in and out of your vehicle, you can rest assured that Germ Defender® is working to keep the germs and bacteria at bay.

Life Happens in Your Vehicle, but Germs Don't Have To

Safe for kids and pets immediately after application, Germ Defender® will begin repelling germs and bacteria in your vehicle the moment it is applied.

Ziebart remains safely open as a zero personal contact partner in our communities. Visit your local Ziebart store to see for yourself what Germ Defender® can do for you.


Veteran's Discount

At Ziebart, we're grateful for the men and women who proudly serve our country. As a thank you, we are offering discounted vehicle services to all U.S. veterans.

Call or visit us for your veterans discount.

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