Sound Deadener - a Quieter Ride

Chances are, you don’t drive your car so you can listen to the constant (and sometimes loud) hum of the road beneath your tires. Ziebart’s thick, abrasion-resistant Sound Deadener treatment is designed to dull road noises inside your vehicle while protecting the underside of your car from harm. 

Noise Reduction

Our Sound Deadener service reduces the noise created as you drive by increasing the barrier between you and the road. Four times thicker than undercoating, our Sound Deadener is an insulated layer of protection that muffles sound while also providing your vehicle an added boost of defense. 
Kids sleeping in the backseat of a car Kids sleeping in the backseat of a car

Added Protection

The added benefit of applying Ziebart’s Sound Deadener to your car or truck is the protection it provides to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Upon application, Sound Deadener not only reduces road noise, but also covers critical areas that are exposed to all types of harmful materials. This coating prevents moisture, chemicals, and salt from reaching your vehicle’s metal components and developing rust.

Speak to a Ziebart team member today to learn about how Sound Deadener can provide you a quieter commute.

Life Is Noisy but Your Ride Doesn't Have to Be


Veteran's Discount

At Ziebart, we're grateful for the men and women who proudly serve our country. As a thank you, we are offering discounted vehicle services to all U.S. veterans.

Call or visit us for your veterans discount.

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