Group photo of a Ziebart store grand opening 

Own a Ziebart Franchise

Ziebart International Corporation is the world leader in vehicle appearance and protection services.


Average Unit Sales Volume



Average Net Profit



Average Total Investment


We’re Efficient 

We focus on making vehicles a better fit for our customers – period. Everything from our full library of services to our professional execution is about improving the look and feel of each customer’s car or truck.

We Keep it Real

We’re at the top of our industry for a reason; people like what we do, and they trust us to make it happen. Our 20% Average Net Profit and $1,220,000 Average Unit Sales Volume speak to that. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be straightforward and transparent with all our customers.

We’re Your Partner

Owning a franchise with Ziebart means that someone always has your back. From car enthusiast to shop-owner, we understand that growth requires support. That’s why the average length of ownership for a Ziebart franchisee is 26 years.